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About us

Krida Rasik Education Society's Adv. Sitaram (Babanbhau) Anandramji Baheti College, Jalgaon is established in the year 1983. The main objective of the college is to enhance the educational, mental, physical and intellectual development of the students as well as to make them socially aware and competent.

College run Academics as well as other complementary co-curricular activities. we offer both higher secondary eduaction (Junior College) and Under graduation degree course. We offer Arts faculty education with Marathi, Hindi, English, Defence, History and sociology as subjects on special level along with Computers as optional subject. Commerce faculty students can also choose optional subject depending on their interest and understanding. Our Junior College also offers Job-oriented vocational courses like 'Scooter and Motor-cycle repairing' has been started with the regular curriculum.

College is affiliated to the North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon and is granted by the U.G.C. Act 1956, section 2(F) and 12 (B) since March-2003 and eligible for getting various grants from Government.

Key Features & Facilities Offered
  • AICTE Approval Letter - Click here to view
  • NMU Approval Letter - Click here to view
  • Magnificent building with all facilities
  • Rich Library with reference books and journals
  • Separate reading room
  • Gymnasium equipped with latest gadgets
  • Various boards and academic committees to develop the hidden talent in the students
  • Special arrangements for teaching to the English medium
  • Competitive examination guidance center
  • Special guidance for failure students
  • Special arrangement of water cooler
  • Good infrastructural facilities.
  • Library facility.
  • Reading hall facility with air condition.
  • Quality of Teaching.
  • Healthy students-teachers relationship.
  • Personal attention and special coaching for needy students.
  • Trabsparent and homely atmosphere in the college.
  • Clean and safe campus.
  • Extension and social activities that create sebse of obiligations.
  • Sports facilities and play ground even for evening practice.
  • Gymnasium facility.
  • Mentor system.
  • Trustworthy management which gives confidence to the parents.
  • Good and transparent administration.
  • Well qualified teaching staff.
  • Helpful nature of management, staff members and non-teaching staff.
  • Memberships offered to outsiders for reading hall.
  • Centrally located campus.
  • Career guidance and competitive counseling center.
  • Sympathetic attitude towards poor students.
  • Our past results - Click here to view at a glance results
  • Computer Laboratory with internet facility
  • Industrial visits
  • N.S.S. facility
  • Scholarships for the player representative North Maharashtra University team
  • cScholarship schemes for the meritorious/ category-wise students
  • Tutorials every Saturday and tests at end of every month
  • Prelims on completion of syllabus of every subject
  • Study exams available for external students of higher education as well as C.A,
Facility of College:

Our founder Krida Rasik Education Society has dedicated team of professionals and social leaders with good understanding of student needs and academics.

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