Rules & Regulations

Library Rules

  • 1. Please maintain silence in the library.

  • 2. Use of mobile phone strictly prohibited.

  • 3. Smoking, eating chewing gum & tobacco is strictly prohibited

  • 4. Books will be issued on the day fixed for each class only.

  • 5. Books/Periodicals or any other library material will be issued only on production of a valid I-card.

  • 6. Each student can borrow one book for a period of seven days.

  • 7. Student can renew the same book only once.

  • 8. A late fine of Rs.1.00 will be charged per book per day.

  • 9. If book is lost, the concerned person has to replace the lost book with a new book as well as pay the fine.

  • 10.Reference Book will not be issued to any student and faculty.

  • 11. Any Library material is taken out of the library for photocopying will have to be returned within an hour.

  • 12. Necessary action will be taken against the defaulters.

  • 13.The Library staff is not responsible for the loss of the bags or damages of the student belongings.

  • "Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune."